High Rise Apartments and Choosing The Right Floor
High Rise Apartments and Choosing The Right Floor

Buyers are frequently perplexed about which floor is best for their home in high rise apartments. Because there is not enough land to accommodate the growing population in Pakistan’s cities, most of them are growing vertically. As a result, to appeal to a broad variety of property investors from different income levels, Pakistani real estate developers are building high-rise apartments in both the premium and affordable categories.

Regardless of whether you can raise your rental yield, produce larger returns, cost you less initially, or will soon resell the flat, rushing the decision of which level to choose is never a good idea.

Avenue5 International, one of the smartest property portals in Pakistan, has put together a list of things to think about before renting or purchasing an apartment, including which floor to choose.

Factors to Consider While Choosing High Rise Apartments

Here are some key things to consider if you’re considering high rise apartments for rent or purchase.

  • View
  • Privacy Concerns
  • Security
  • Light and Ventilation
  • Rental Returns
  • Noise
  • Price of the Apartment
  • Water Seepage
  • Ease of Access


The greatest views may always be found from the balconies and windows of high-rise apartments. The decision is made based on the apartment building’s location, though. Usually, high-rise apartments give you a better view.

But on the lower floors, there isn’t much to gaze at in terms of the growing skyline that the higher floors give, whether you choose a view of the street or a park surrounding the building. The best flats are those on higher floors if you appreciate the beautiful scenery.

High Rise Apartments


Privacy Concerns

Due to their accessibility, flats on the ground floor are frequently less secure than those on higher floors. In any structure, choosing an apartment on a higher floor is frequently driven by a need for privacy.

High-rise buildings’ upper floors generally have less noise from pedestrians and public transportation. You can sit on your terrace in complete privacy because fewer people will be peering into your apartment from lower-rise buildings thanks to the taller ones.

High Rise Apartments



Apartments on the ground floor are more vulnerable to danger, including invasion and robbery. However, another aspect is whether your building has strict security and round-the-clock monitoring.

It may be difficult to choose which level to purchase an apartment on, but the investment should never come at the expense of the security and safety of your family. Avoid purchasing any of the cheapest flats, even if you get a great deal unless the building is very secure and well-managed.

Lower levels are more prone to break-ins and thefts and frequently present a security risk.

Light and Airflow

Because the sunshine is not obstructed, those who reside on upper levels have access to more natural light and air. You might prefer to live on the top floors of a high-rise structure if you desire a lot of natural light and a gentle wind.

Particularly in densely populated cities, lower levels don’t receive as much light and air. The likelihood of houseflies and mosquitoes entering higher levels is similarly decrease.

High Rise Apartments



Even if purchasing a unit in a high-rise building has numerous advantages, purchasing a lower-floor apartment might not be a wise choice, particularly if the residential tower is located in a busy area of the city.

Sound goes up, thus those on the first, second, or third level might have to put up with noise from the streets below.

Price of the Apartment

Living in a higher-floor apartment has several advantages, but greater value is typically not one of them. Penthouses are often the most costly apartments in residential complexes, and generally speaking, higher-floor apartments are more expensive.

An apartment on the top level will also boost your power costs since you would require air conditioning in a nation like Pakistan where the summers are hot and muggy.

Due to the ongoing demand for air conditioning, upper levels typically cost more than lower floors. Additionally, penthouses are mostly on the top levels, making them the most costly choice. So the greatest spot to look for less expensive options that won’t break the budget is on the lower floors.

Water Seepage

Most drainage issues and water seepage occur on the top and bottom levels, which might cause ongoing issues for the occupants, but it also relies on how effectively the drainage system is design by the building’s developers.

Ease of Access

Due to its accessibility, the first level is where most people decide to reside. There are still a lot of factors to take into account even if the majority of apartment complexes have backup power and several quick elevators.

If the building has few elevators, there can be a lot of people on the elevators during rush hour. Additionally, it will be challenging to climb stairs to higher stories if the backup power fails.

A handicapped member of your family cannot use the stairs, and there may not be space in the elevator during peak hours for a wheelchair.

Other Factors

Many Pakistanis want to reside on the ground level due to the country’s hot and muggy climate. You would need more power to stay cool if you lived on a higher floor.

People choose to reside on the bottom floor of apartment buildings since it is the level closest to a home, and apartment complexes have increased in number in Pakistan in recent years.

People in this nation also frequently live with their families, therefore the presence of old, disabled, or young children may also be a consideration. Selecting an apartment floor to buy will be easy if you are aware of the factors to take before investing.

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